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The petition said "marriage should not be seen as a business transaction between the father of the bride and the father of the groom". Former Prime Minister David Cameron said later that year that he would address this "inequality in marriage", adding that the exclusion of mothers' names from marriage registers in England and Wales did "not reflect modern Britain". Mr Cameron was gone from Downing Street before any action was taken and it now seems that Conservative MP Edward Argar's Registration of Marriage Bill is the most likely vehicle to overturn the law. A brief history of marriage: Marriage Act of 1836 - allowed non-conformists and Catholics to be married in their own places of worship Ages of Marriage Act 1929 - Parliament raised the age limit to 16 for both sexes Civil Partnership Act 2004 - granted civil partnerships to same-sex couples in the UK with rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 - introduced civil marriage for same-sex couples in England and Wales There were 240,854 marriages in 2013, a decrease of 8.6% compared with 2012 and the first decline since 2009 The average age for a first marriage was 32.5 years for men and 30.6 years for women in 2013 His bill, which would update the Marriage Act of 1949, would move the solely paper-based system to a central electronic register online, which would allow the mother's name to be included. It would also bring England and Wales into line with the rest of the UK. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, couples are asked to give the names of both parents on marriage documentation. The same applies for those entering a civil partnership. Similar attempts by Labour and Conservative MPs to change the law fell in 2015 after failing to get ministers' support. Labour frontbencher Christina Rees' private member's bill focused on the narrow point about putting the mother on the certificate. Former Conservative cabinet minister Dame Caroline Spelman's bill wanted marriages listed in a single electronic register instead of in marriage register books.

At this time, using moisturizing cream containing ingredients similar to the skin\'s sebum like lanolin, or so-called \'Sheep Oil\', allows faster absorption and makes skin care much easier. Then, spray face mist to a liquid type hydrating foundation that matches your skin tone and tap it gently on your face with a puff. Use a concealer to cover any dark spots and fix your makeup with a mist type fixer to lock in glossy and hydrating skin for a long time. STEP 2 Eye Makeup Dark eye makeup is banned from the Valentines Day Makeup. Apply pink or coral eyeshadow as a base over your lids. Then use black eyeliner to draw a thin line and fill in the tear line in-between the eyelashes. It is better to create definition with eyelashes than heavy eyeliner. STEP 3 Lip & Cheek Makeup The finishing touch of the lovely makeup is adding warmth and color to your lips and cheeks. Tap on cream type blusher on the highest point of your cheeck bone when you smile. Blend it out to match your glossy skin. Then, chose a lip-tint color depending on the look you want to create, and apply it from the inside of the lips to complete your makeup.

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